10 Minutes a Day: The Ultimate Bass Workout

You will be amazed at the overnight improvements you can make to your bass playing with just ten minutes of work every day. This 12-part course will give you a multitude of ideas for populating your practice sessions, and will help you to maximize your potential as a bass player in the next ten minutes. Make it a part of your daily routine today.

The Basics: Bass Lines

Working on basics and fundamentals is critically important, no matter what you consider your level to be as a musician. Start here to learn the essential building blocks of incredible bass lines.

The Basics: Bass Technique

Having a solid foundation of good technique on your instrument can play a huge part in the level of your success down the road. This course helps to maximize your potential from the ground up when it comes to basic technique on the bass.

The Basics: Soloing

If the idea of jazz or soloing gives you any kind of anxiety, your worrying stops right here. Start this course to build your confidence as an improvisor on the bass from the ground up.

Chordal Reharmonization

Chords might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to your role as a bass player, but they’re incredibly useful, musical, inspiring, and fun! This course is for those who are generally familiar with harmony, and are ready to take their chordal playing to the next level.

Crash Course in Harmony

The perfect beginning to provide everything you need to know about harmony and music theory—all from a bass player’s perspective!


The ii-V-I chord progression is one of the most popular in modern music, especially in jazz harmony and composition. This 12-part course will take you from beginner to advanced, immediately improving your understanding of this essential progression and the harmony associated with it.

Jazz Standards

Jazz standards make up a vast repertoire and historical record of music over several decades, and also provide an incredible tool in your development as a musician, composer, and improvisor. Learn some of the best standards of all time, and how to play over them like a pro.

Sight Reading

Sight reading can be a daunting skill to learn, but can also be the reason you make or break a gig or audition. This 12-part course will sharpen your eyes and ears to improve your sight reading at any skill level.

Transcribing: Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker was one of the modern day masters of improvisation. Through this 12-part course, you get a look inside the mind of one of the great soloists of our time while practicing the essential skills of high-level transcription.

Soloing: Motivic Development

Developing a simple motif while improvising can give you miles of material to build a masterful solo. This course will help you build concepts using motivic development to ensure you’ll never run out of ideas again.

Soloing: Advanced Concepts

This 12-part masterclass on improvisation is geared toward intermediate and advanced players, delving deep into the creative world of soloing concepts, harmony, rhythm, and melody.

Soloing: Bebop Vocabulary

Bebop was born more than 50 years ago, but still comprises the most important vocabulary of the jazz genre today. Start this 12-part course to become a master of bebop lines on the bass.

Soloing: Jazz Vocabulary

If you’ve ever felt stuck or fresh out of ideas when you improvise, it’s time to take your jazz vocabulary to the next level. This 12-part course will give you the best lines from the greatest musicians of all time to supplement your knowledge with an unstoppable vocabulary.